The Ultimate SEO for Beginners Guide

SEO. The always illusive and intimidating digital marketing subject. Best practices are continually changing and unlike PPC or any sort of ads, you can’t just throw money at it to improve your rankings or sales. You can however, learn the fundamentals for yourself or hire a professional to assist with your overall SEO strategy.

For those who are SEO-novices the following guide and ebook will become your best friend. Before we dive into the ebook let’s take a look at what SEO is and how we can manipulate it.

1. What is SEO?

SEO is one of the better, more affordable ways to attract people to your site and keep them there. It is the culmination of optimizing keywords, images and link building. A lot of key components can be implemented at once, but your overall SEO strategy will be a continuous process.

To implement SEO you must have a basic understanding of Google's algorithm, your site's code and the goals you're trying to achieve with your site. You will also want to know who your target audience is and what they're searching for when they find your site.

Once you know that, you will be able to attract targeted customers by the dozens.

2. Keywords

What is your business all about? Where is it located? What need do you fulfill for your customers?

The answers to these questions and more give you a good idea of what keywords you should be targeting. Keywords are words or phrases people use when they're looking for sites like yours. Keywords can be short, or they can be long phrases or questions as people search for things differently.

3. Keyword Implementation

You now know what your keywords are, but what do you do with them? Keyword implementation is the process of adding keywords to your site in optimal areas. They can be places in site copy, markups, title tags and meta descriptions.

Check out our ebook below for more information on implementation!

4. On-site SEO

There are a couple places in your site structure that you'll want to make sure are optimized. These include: title tags, meta descriptions and URL structure. You will want to focus on keyword implementation but there are a couple other things to keep in mind. Like:

  • site navigation

  • visibility

  • user experience

  • checkout process

5. Images and SEO

Images are a vital part of a website - think about how boring a site would be if there were no images! As great as they are for user experience, when not used correctly they can sometimes work against your SEO efforts. If your images are properly optimized for SEO however, they can be a boon for your business!

6. Link Building

You'll hear about link building in every post or article written about SEO. Why? Because it continues to be an extremely important ranking factor in Google's algorithm.

Link building is a determining factor in your site's trustworthiness, the idea is if other sites are linking to you as a resource, then you must know what you're talking about. There are a couple of ways to go about link building, some requiring more effort than others. These strategies include:

  • Natural Link Building

  • Guest Post Link Building

  • Link Outreach

  • Press Releases

SEO can seem overwhelming, with its many facets and the ever-changing algorithms, but thankfully there have been a few elements that have stood the test of time. As of now, these tips and ebook are loaded with the most up-to-date practices and information. We will be sure to add more or retract information as the algorithm changes.

And as always, contact Monarchy Management with any questions, or to set up your free SEO consultation!

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