January 11, 2018

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Why We Love Social Media (And You Should, Too!)

February 19, 2018


Think about it, social media is the ONLY completely free way to advertise your business and get your message out there on a massive scale. There has never been anything as effective and as accessible for your business to utilize. If you are on the fence about joining the dark-side, pay attention to the following information. 


‘Social Media' is an inclusive term


According to the dictionary, social media includes all forms of electronic communication (as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. Breaking that definition down, you realize how much the term 'social media' actually includes and how many networks you have to choose from - and you don’t have to be on every single one, although there are some I strongly recommend.


Facebook: An internationally used social network with over one billion users, Facebook is difficult to ignore. Facebook hosts a wide range of audiences with age and interest demographics that span the internet. If you’re only going to choose one network, Facebook is the one to choose. 


Instagram: Newer to the scene, but far from behind, Instagram is great if your business has products or services that are visually appealing. If not, get creative and find ways to become visually appealing. Show off what your services have done for customers or use your Instagram to show what potential customers could do with your services or products if they purchased them. Utilize Instagram as the ultimate inspiration board. 


Twitter: Although undoubtedly popular, Twitter is not my personal favorite for businesses. With a timeline churning that quickly, it is hard for content to get any traction unless you are posting as often as the timeline is updating. Twitter can be a great option to share content, but only if you have a lot of it. 


If none of these options suit you or your business, you have a plethora of other options including: Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. 


It doesn’t take as much time as you think


With social feed’s constantly turning over, the pressure is on to post new content almost constantly. This can become overwhelming to a business owner or individual with a hundred other things to do. This was quickly noticed and content schedulers were soon created. Spend an hour of your time to schedule a whole week’s worth of content across various social networks. 


My two favorite scheduling tools are Hootsuite and Buffer, arguably the largest platforms in the industry. Both platforms have free and paid versions, with the largest limitation of the free version being a cap on the amount of accounts you can add. Depending on your size, you might not need to invest in the paid version. However, don’t let paying for something scare you away, depending on your needs, the paid versions might suit your business much better with their advanced analytics and ability to hold more accounts.  


You’re spending a lot of time creating products, services, blogs and images to make your website standout, but it’s all wasted unless you promote it. Social media is a great marketing outlet that has both a large reach and low cost, making it great for businesses that don’t have or don’t want to invest a ton of money in everyday marketing. Even with tools, social media can be time consuming and there are ways to optimize your efforts for the best outcome; contact us today to start your reign of the social media kingdom. 



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