January 11, 2018

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Beginner's Blogging Tips

January 11, 2018



1. Create a content calendar


An experienced blogger knows, you waste the most time by sitting at your computer trying to think of a blog topic. Streamline your system and avoid losing out on valuable writing time by creating a content calendar ahead of time. You can download templates online, like this one from Curata. Sit down and fill it out all at once or take note of ideas as they come to you. Either way, your writing process will be a lot easier if you know what you’re writing about when you sit down. If you’re having a hard time coming up with blog topics, check out this topic generating tool by HubSpot. 


2. Use a scheduling tool (or multiple) 


Are you logging in every week (or every time you post) and publishing a blog post? If the answer is yes, you’re wasting valuable time! Invest some time in researching if your CMS, Content Management System, offers a publishing tool and figure out how to work it. You can spend an hour on Sunday uploading your blog posts to be published at later times. Periodically check your blog to make sure everything has posted correctly and take the time to respond to any comments. By scheduling posts ahead of time and scheduling time to check in and respond to comments, you will be able to keep your mind at peace and focus on more important things. 


3. Utilize images


Not only do images help break up your writing for the web (which we will discuss in the next section) and make your blog more visually appealing but they also help with your site’s SEO. You will lose readers quickly if you’re serving up large blocks of text with nothing to help explain the points you are making. People will come to your site and leave right away, typically 38% of people, because your content didn’t pull them in right away - this is referred to as a bounce rate. Your goal is to have the lowest bounce rate possible because it shows that your content is attracting people and giving them a reason to stay. Copy is not an automatic factor of attraction, but a nice image can be. 


4. Write for the Web


Like I mentioned above, we want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. We don’t want to overwhelm visitors with huge blocks of text; this can be intimidating. You want to keep the formatting of your blogs light and airy. Break apart paragraphs every couple of sentences and insert images where appropriate. This will encourage readers to finish the blog post because it tricks them into thinking they are reading less than they actually are. 


You’ll also want to create a standardized format for your posts and use it consistently. Colors, spacing and heading sizes should be similar across your blog posts. This will make it easy for readers to go from post to post without getting a headache. Remember, you want visitors to stay as long as possible, so let’s make it easy for them. 


These are just a few things to think about when you're starting to blog - was this helpful? Comment below on what you would like to learn more about!




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