How to Find Content to Publish on Social Media

Navigating the digital world and staying afloat in it’s ever-changing scenery can be difficult enough without worrying about what you will post on social media. Luckily, there are some really intuitive processes and programs to take the headache out of social posting.

Your goal of content searching should be focused on finding information your followers and potential followers will find helpful, interesting or even funny. The content you post can consist of a variety of mediums: photos, articles, blogs, videos and lists, and you’ll want to post some of each type, social channels permitting. Where do you find great quality content? Start with the list below.

1. The Old-Fashioned

Not a drink, but a sharing tactic, the old-fashioned is the term of endearment I’ve given to the simplest process of all social cumulation - link saving.

As an informed business owner, you should be reading up on industry news and trends regularly. Anytime you come across something particularly timely or interesting save it to a folder on your desktop or browser. You’ll start to create a library of content that you can then schedule out through management programs like Hootsuite or Buffer.

It’s a good habit to sit down once a week and schedule out your social media posts; use this same time to go through your library of articles, photos and shareable content and take note which ones are evergreen - meaning they aren’t time sensitive and can be used in the future. Schedule out your posts and purge the ones from your library that are no longer usable. Keep this circuit going indefinitely.

2. Facebook Groups

There are so many Facebook groups out there that were created for people to share and distribute their content. These groups are typically categorized by niche, so the best way to find an appropriate one is by searching for Facebook groups that jive with your industry.

For example, if you own an Auto Shop in Austin, TX, you might want to search for groups with the following queries: Auto Shop Owners, Small Business Owners Austin, Car Lovers and Classic Car Repairs. If you still haven’t found anything using these more basic searches, try to get even more niche; look for groups by searching for brand names or authority figures in your industry.

The goal is to find like-minded individuals whose blogs, articles and information would be useful or insightful for your followers. Share their industry-relevant information on your social channels, but make sure it isn’t coming from your competitors - you want to keep them focused on your products and services.

Once you begin sharing other member’s blogs and articles, you will notice the group members returning the favor when you add your latest blog to the discussion. These groups thrive on reciprocation - it’s all a cycle.


Quuu is a content aggregation system that connects with your Buffer account to publish industry-relevant articles directly to your social media accounts. With the free option, you can choose up to five interest topics that Quuu will then use to direct what types of articles it sends to your Buffer account.

These articles are all user-submitted, so there is no guarantee of the quality of writing or that the captions and descriptions accompanying the articles will be well-written. If you choose to use Quuu, I highly suggest proofing the suggested posts on your Buffer account before they are published.

If you’re not really invested in your marketing strategy, or just want to get something out there - Quuu is a good option. It’s an even better option if you spend time proofing! Quuu however, is not a replacement for manual social posting and aggregation, it’s a supplement.

4. Triberr

Like Facebook groups, Triberr focuses on the cycle of blog and article sharing. After you sign up for a free account, you will be prompted to join groups, Tribes as they are called, that are relevant to your industry.

Triberr is purely focused on sharing content, so there’s no need to prompt your article with a request to share, if people like it they will share it. Triberr works, similarly to Facebook groups, because it’s centered on sharing-karma. The more you share, the more shares your article will get in retribution.

Triberr is a really intuitive program - just make sure you’re paying attention to the tribes you’re joining because some of them are on the spammy-side.

Don’t see a tribe you like? Create your own and invite people to join!

5. Photo Sharing Sites

If you need the perfect stand-alone photo or the perfect accompaniment for a blog, photo sharing sites are a great place to start. These sites aggregate photos for your use, attribution-free. Examples of these sites are:

If you choose to try out another photo-sharing site, make sure the photo you choose truly is free for commercial and personal use.

The most difficult part of finding quality social media content is making sure it fits your branding standards and appeals to your audience. With the tools above you should be able to make that search a little easier. Do you have a favorite method for finding content? Let us know about it!

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